Rediscovering Earth in Humanities

From the description alone, can you identify this antiquated technology used by earthlings so long ago?

“This artifact is a dark box.  The box has plastic armor protecting the filmy belt that makes up its insides.  There are strange markings – some numeric, some ancient writing – When tested, the item emitted a strange tune.”*(Val Allen)

To improve their speaking, writing, and analytical thinking, students in Ms. O’Brien’s AP class and ELL classes analyzed newly-discovered Earth artifacts from the year 3015. Using sensory details, the students wrote descriptions of the physical properties of the items. They then created hypotheses to explain possible uses for the objects.  Finally, they presented the applications to sell the technology in a Martian Shark Tank, and the class voted on the best applications of the new technology.

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*Answer : a cassette tape dated 1963