Preparing for college is more than having a perfect ACT or SAT score, it’s more than the perfect application, or the perfect resume.


We want our students, and especially our seniors, to have exposure to opportunities that will prepare them for all aspects of college. Our College Guidance Counselor, Celia Tucker shares a bit about senior seminars and preparing our students to make a touchdown in their own college process.

This week in Senior Seminar David Dorn from Marvin United Methodist Church talked with seniors about “Keeping Your Faith Strong In College”. David stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with strong Christian friends, finding a church home, and getting involved in student ministries on college campuses.

Senior Seminar is like the huddle before each play on the football field. Seniors know the process—they have been preparing for years—they come together as a group to be reminded about the details—and then they break the huddle and execute.

This year in Senior Seminar we have taken an in-depth look at the College Application Process, hosted a panel of Admissions Representatives from multiple colleges who shared their personal stories as well as provided insight into their chosen universities, and focused on the importance of choosing a major that aligns with personality, aptitude, and interests.

Before we break the Senior Seminar huddle this semester we will hear about scholarships, give thanks, hear from financial literacy experts, experience a “Reality Fair” (yes, parents, we need volunteers for this day in early December), check and double-check applications that students have been working on and celebrate success.

In the very near future Seniors 2020 will be checking the last item off of their “College Application To-Do List”, breaking the huddle, and driving down the field for a touchdown.

It will be time to celebrate.

…and shed a few orange tears…