Senior Trip


This was our 10th year to take seniors to Taos, NM for team building and leadership development. During each day, we had different activities that included exploring a Pueblo, visiting the Rio Grande Gorge, whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande, and the infamous hike up Wheeler’s Peak – a 16-mile round trip to the tallest peak in New Mexico and back.

Each night our seniors had both small groups and a “senior seminar” that featured messages about life choices and following the guard charge (Live Pure. Speak True. Right Wrong. Serve Others. Follow the King.) Mr. Dement, Mr. Fletcher, and Dr. Ward each addressed different aspects of the charge and how it impacts students’ choices as they seek to follow Christ.  Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Rozell also served as chaperones and small group leaders for the trip.

The senior trip is always an unforgettable experience for our senior class, and this year was no exception. The trip provides an opportunity for students to bond with one another and the leaders of our school as they experience God’s beauty and work together rafting and hiking. This shared experience creates the opportunity for students to interact in ways that school doesn’t lend itself to.

Want to know more about how God shaped our students through the trip? Watch this video of some seniors sharing what God is teaching them:


You can also see more memories from the trip in this slideshow video with pictures taken by our students:


Thanks to Anna and Phillip for putting these videos together!