The Return of Chicken Crepes


From the desk of Tony Welty, Director of Finance & Operations:

While teaching accounting, economics and personal finance on a part-time basis at Brook Hill last spring, I quickly learned a few things about the Brook Hill community: Brook Hill’s school spirit is palpable; being “All Orange” really is the equivalent of being “all in”; and crepes are king around here when lunch is served.

Today, Chicken Crepes returned to the lunch menu at Brook Hill. I intentionally sat near the entrance to the serving line this afternoon to gain a first-hand experience of student reactions. From my vantage point, a majority of the students were thrilled to see a familiar, downright beloved item back on the menu. One Middle School student perhaps summed it up best when she said, “Yes! Chicken crepes…they better be good!” Indeed.

Balancing delicious, healthy foods with delicious, not-quite-as-healthy foods can be a tricky proposition, especially with teenagers. I can recall eating four McDonald’s Big Macs every day for several weeks during my family’s transition from Europe back to the United States at the end of my eighth grade year.

Delicious? Absolutely. Healthy? Well, not so much, but as a growing adolescent, who cares?!?

When Brook Hill signed on with Flik Independent School Dining as our food service provider, a major factor in our negotiations was our desire to balance the new and the familiar during menu planning. Brook Hill continues to work closely with Flik personnel to strike a balance between menu items empirically-proven to be healthy and beneficial with menu items that are simply popular and preferred.

Of course, you can help. Go online and lets us know what you think by accessing Flik’s feedback form at Your suggestions and insights are welcomed and encouraged.