Family Highlight: The Scates Family


Meet the Scates Family! Cole and Mollianna have two boys at our Lower School, Landon (2nd Grade) and Charlie (Kindergarten). The Scates Family chose Brook Hill after attending our Lower School Look & See a few years ago, and they couldn’t be happier about their choice. We have loved hearing about their journey to Brook Hill and are excited to share it with you!


Mollianna and Cole Scates were raised in the Tyler area, both attending local public high schools. When it came to education options for their family, they explored both public and private options. “We felt it was so important to do our ‘due diligence’ as parents in making such a big decision for our boys,” says Mollianna. So, many tours were taken and recommendations by family and friends considered. 

“We felt it was so important to do our ‘due diligence’ as parents in making such a big decision for our boys.”


Mollianna took a step further into the given recommendations, talking to current Brook Hill parents and students. She felt these were important conversations to have as it was a firsthand perspective from not only parents who want the best for their children, but also from students who were living it everyday. The Scates said these conversations provided a “good look into our children’s happiness on campus and the possibilities for their future.”

When it came down to time to get serious, many families had encouraged the Scates to attend the Lower School Look & See in the Fall. Prior to the admissions event, Mollianna had done a lot of research. She was well informed on Brook Hill, but Cole went in knowing little to none about the school. This night had the potential to make or break their decision. 

Lucky for us, Mollianna shared, “the Look & See sealed the deal for us.” Hearing teachers, administrators, and even alumni with children now at Brook Hill share their heart made the Scates feel like their children would be in the best hands possible. Cole even shared with his wife on the way home, “It feels right. That’s where I want my son to go. I think he would be happy there.” 

Ultimately, the deciding factors in their decision were not things the Scates were evaluating going in. Rather, it was the programs they learned about through the admissions process that they felt gave their children a head start before their college years. They felt the lessons learned and hands on experiences in these programs could be applied to their children’s lives. “We were very impressed with the programs the school offers its students that simply can’t be found anywhere else,” said Mollianna. She bragged on the Guard Dog, Boarding, and Business Programs, and the ways Brook Hill bridged the gap between the upper and lower schools.

“We chose Brook Hill because we feel our children have the opportunity to grow and excel in all aspects of their education, athletics, their faith, and forming their character.”


“I think our experience has gotten more fun now that both boys are here! Seeing them light up when they get to run on that football field with their Guard Dog (Colton Richards) has been so fulfilling. There are so many things Brook Hill does to involve the entire student body that really make you feel like you are a part of the family,” Mollianna said.

These programs and experiences coupled with the element of faith that Brook Hill embodies strengthened their decision as they described the Christian environment as “unparalleled.” The Scates shared that the mission of Brook Hill aligns with what they believe as a family, and they believed that the message of faith would be solidified for their children as it is reinforced everyday at home and in school.

Throughout the decision making process the Scates received love and warmth from the many people that make up what they know now is, “The Brook Hill Family.” Now, several years in and with both boys enrolled, the Scates still have nothing but positive remarks to express about Brook Hill. “We have had a wonderful experience! The boys love school and are thriving. It’s the best feeling as a parent to drop your children off in the morning, happy to go to school and pick them up in the afternoon, happy because they had a great day,” said Mollianna. The Scates also expressed their admiration each year for the blessing that their children’s teachers have been to their family. Mollianna shared, “I personally feel like I have gained new friends each year in the precious teachers that pour into our boys, and all of their students!”

“Our hopes are that they will continue to grow in The Lord, in their character, and be challenged academically so they are prepared to achieve whatever great things God has in store for them. The growth plans of the school are also exciting for their future as students. God is moving and shaking at Brook Hill and it’s a blessing to be a part of the journey! ”


We’re so glad that the Scates are a part of the Brook Hill Family! We enjoy seeing their boys grow and prosper at our Lower School. When we asked what they would say to a family considering joining our community and attending an admissions event, they said, “Go! Attending the event and being able to explore the campus and hear the hearts of the people that will be with your children every day, made all the difference in the world to us.”

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