The Second Grade American Wax Museum

How does a normal second grader transform into an historical figure at a wax museum? ???????????????????????????????

Preparation for this event began weeks earlier. First, each student selected an historical figure to study. Then Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Brashier helped each second grader locate a nonfiction book about this person. Online sources were also utilized. Students began the research process by reading and taking notes on note cards. After hours of research and writing, each student became an expert on their chosen American. But that’s not all! Then the students created a power point in the lab highlighting the important information. They also designed an elaborate poster and with parental assistance created a costume to wear. Finally, after weeks of preparation, they were ready to assume the identity of the famous American!  Reports were presented in class with parents as invited guests. Students even used their PowerPoints in the report! The big day arrived! The “museum was set up in the gym. Posters were displayed, tables decorated. Costumed students struck a pose. Visitors pushed a button and the “wax” figures came to life and began telling their stories. History was brought to life under the guidance of Mrs. Brasier and Mrs. Johnson!  What a memorable experience for these students!


     Presenting The Wax Museum!








      Great Job, Second Graders!


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