Washington DC: Christianity and Our Founding Fathers

During SPARC 2014 a group of Brook Hill 8th grade students had the opportunity to see firsthand that America is a Christian nation founded on Biblical principles. The 17 students and 6 sponsors and chaperones were privileged to visit such places as Mt. Vernon, the Holocaust museum, and Ford’s Theater.  Although they had to view the White House from the sidewalk, students did get a quick glimpse of the green water coming from the water fountain– St. Patrick’s Day in DC.  Students also had the privilege of participating in a worship service at the National Cathedral on Sunday evening.

The students were inspired by the memorials of the lives of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.  In addition, they visited the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima), the Korean War Memorial, the World War II Memorial,  and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The first day of the trip was marked by 6 inches of snow!  While DC was shut down temporarily, students enjoyed playing in the snow outside of the hotel!   Luckily the hotel gift shop had a good supply of gloves and hats to help keep everyone warm!

Students had the opportunity to visit several of the Smithsonian museums and the International Spy Museum.  A highlight of the trip was a tour of the Capitol followed by a quick trip to the Library of Congress.  Brook Hill students grouped together and said the Lord’s Prayer on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court after hearing that it is now illegal to pray on the steps of this building.

On the final night of the trip, students enjoyed a dinner and dance cruise on the Potomac River. Some students said this was the high point of their trip!  Several never sat down after the dancing began!  They even taught the bus driver some of their moves!

The trip was inspirational as well as educational and one that will be long remembered by the participants.  After visiting our nation’s capital, there is no doubt that America is founded on Christian principles!

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