From the desk of Wally Dawkins, Athletic Director:

As a parent of a student athlete, many choices are made available to you as to where your child may decide to participate in athletic activities.  Non-school sport participation has been all the rage for the past several years with opportunities like Club Volleyball, AAU Basketball, Select Baseball, Club Soccer and many more.  However, participating in these groups doesn’t require any type of scholastic achievement, nor is there much emphasis pertaining to character or behavior.

As a parent, I think it is extremely important to ask the question as to “why” do I want my child participating on a team or as a part of a group, and to what end.  It may be to receive specialized or expert training.  It could be for additional opportunities to compete.  Maybe it’s the chance of receiving more attention or added exposure.  All of those are good reasons for participating, if certain other questions are also asked…and answered.  As a parent, I always wanted to know “who was coaching my child and what influence would they have on him/her”?  I was also curious as to “how will participating in this activity affect the life of our family”?  Another thought; “how will playing help or hinder my child spiritually, academically, or health-wise”?  How about asking this question; “what is our goal or purpose for playing”?  Another great question to ask is “who will my child be playing with and what type of influence will his /her teammates have on my child”?  Considering ALL of the questions listed above, how do the answers apply to participating in athletics at Brook Hill?  Hence the title of this article “Why Brook Hill Athletics”?

I personally believe the number one reason for a student-athlete to participate in athletics is because of the Relationships that are developed over the course of the activity.  It’s the relationships athletes develop with coaches and teammates, which will have a lifelong impact on the individual.  The question to ask then is “what kind of relationships, and what kind of impact”?  At Brook Hill, we answer this question by saying simply this; “Your child will be coached by Christian men and women, who work for the school full time (16 of our 19 coaches are full time employees), which means they will help foster an environment that promotes Christian principles, stresses academic excellence, while providing experience and leadership in a wide range of athletic opportunities”.

The main reason to participate in athletics at Brook Hill is because of the quality coaches we have in leadership positions, who will be mentoring and monitoring the athletes on a daily basis, emphasizing the importance of each athlete’s relationship with Jesus Christ.  In addition, our coaches stress on a daily basis the importance of academics…not just eligibility.  Brook Hill coaches recognize how important their role is in preparing our athletes for college…not just if they are making 70’s so they can play.  As an added bonus, the Brook Hill Coaching Staff is the best I have ever been apart of, and that includes my 30 years in public schools.  Brook Hill Coaches offer the total package.  Not only do they have their priorities straight, and the student’s best interest at hand, Brook Hill Coaches are experienced, successful, proven, enthusiastic, and respected in East Texas and beyond.

So when you ask yourself “Why Brook Hill Athletics”, consider the information presented above, and feel confident that your child will be in an environment of like-minded individuals, who are focused on building  Christ-centered character, emphasizing and promoting academics, and providing coaching abilities that are second to none.

It’s just another reason to be “ALL ORANGE…All The Time”!