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Students at The Brook Hill School know they are somewhere special from the first moment they step onto our 280-acre campus in East Texas. Perhaps it is because of the Biblical foundation for which we base everything we do—education, potential, and character.

Our Lower School exceeds all expectations. Students are taught to work collaboratively, think critically, and discuss higher level questions. Whether students are exploring their favorite character in a book or discovering something new in the Science lab, they are experiencing what it means to find joy in learning. Lower School students also participate in Music, Spanish, Art, P.E., Library, and Computer classes with specialized teachers in each field.

When it comes to our Middle and Upper School, you will only continue to find excellence whichever way you turn. Our award-winning Fine Arts program includes orchestra, drama, choir, and visual art. Our highly recognized Athletic program includes football, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and track. Our Academic office provides only the best when it comes to course offerings and guidance for the future. And that does not even begin to describe the impeccable nature of our teachers. They are passionate about their subject and passionate for teaching students the truth. Our boarding program allows students from all over the world the chance to experience the Brook Hill environment while also encouraging our day students to learn about cultures different from their own.

If you are searching for a Christ-centered, college preparatory school that follows Biblical principles in all respects, schedule a tour with us today. We very much look forward to meeting you!

The Brook Hill School’s mission is to provide excellence in college preparatory education, affirm the gifts and challenge the potential of each student, and encourage students to honor God through Christ-like character.

Please contact us to schedule a tour or shadow day or to ask any questions you may have regarding Admissions.


We look forward to speaking with you and thank you for considering The Brook Hill School!

The Admissions Office
Director of Admissions: Katie Ramirez
Associate Director of Admissions/Boarding:
Admissions Associate: Jamie Whitten
Admissions Associate (Financial Aid): Jenny Anderson



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