Academic re-solutions for the new year

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director:

As we begin the new year, there is always talk of resolutions. While we are in a unique setting because, in the education world, we are actually at the halfway point, however a new calendar year is a great time to reflect on re-solutions.

I started thinking about the professional and spiritual aspects of my life, and how I can use this fresh start of a new year to solve and re-solve areas that need growth. This prompted me to know more about the word RESOLVE and how the breakdown of its connotation can help me and my students understand what it truly means to commit to a personal growth plan.

Below I want to list the most common definitions assigned to the word resolution, and I want to analyze what these means as a student.

  1. The act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones.


When we solve problems, whether in school or in life, we can often be overwhelmed at how big the task may seem. However, when we break down the problem into smaller chunks, we can create and establish determination to get the task done. Think of this in terms of a project or an overall picture of what you want your grades to look like at the end of the semester…instead of becoming overwhelmed with the bigger picture, re-solve it into smaller ones…one day one assignment at a time.

2. The progression of a chord from dissonance to consonance.

Think of a clatter of musical instruments all playing at once with no harmony. That is what tackling a new semester can feel like. However, when we analyze the outcome or the solution, we can go back and move from discord to harmony with our assignments. This means establishing re-solutions…solving small steps in a steady, consistent manner that will ultimately lead to satisfying the end goal.

3. Something that is resolved/a resolution to mend my ways.

We all have areas of our life that could benefit from re-solving which comes from re-solutions…meaning a mend from the old approach. Whatever it is, whether in school or in your personal life, look for new approaches to re-solve your tasks and achieve your goals.

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