Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…of how our students are creatively celebrating their Creator one lyric and line at a time!


One of our favorite rhythms at the Brook Hill Lower School is the yearly parade of talent, fun, and creativity that we get to see on stage when our students perform! We value art and love watching their confidence bloom when they have the opportunity to work together making something beautiful to share. Each year our students perform by grade and this year’s joint 4th and 5th-grade performance was a hit!

They performed a play themed off of Gilligan’s Island called “Find the Light” that highlighted the truth of Christ as our Light, our Savior, and Guide. We loved watching them find the “water” on their voyage and were reminded that Jesus is our true Living Water. Looking for food on their voyage, students sang about the Fruit’s of the Spirit and we laughed remembering that neither strawberries nor watermelon is a fruit of the Spirit!

What a sweet reminder that we’re called to display the Fruit of the Spirit, and not ourselves. And for all of those wondering, these travelers weren’t lost on their voyage long – they were found and safely returned to their classrooms!

One of the reasons we love having the opportunity for students to perform at Chapel is that it allows all of our students the chance to be involved and to be exposed to the arts. Each kid has a chance to act, sing, or contribute to the creative process of preparing for their time on stage! At this age, kids are discovering what they enjoy, they’re exploring new things and our hope is that this kind of chapel performance gives them the chance to exercise their gifts, cheer their classmates on and possibly even try something brave and new!

We also love having FUN at Brook Hill and view every little moment as a teaching one whether it’s on the stage singing silly songs, or in the classroom learning to count.