4th Grade Presents Animal Projects

4th grade students have been researching animals in science. As part of their study, students were asked to research a particular animal at an in-depth level, gather the facts and present them to the class along with a model or portrait of their animal of study. Students researched in the library and even at home, discovering various characteristics and fun facts about their animals. Then, students created a folder presentation out of those facts and delivered their findings in class before their peers. We love doing projects like these because it integrates so many aspects of the learning process from students how to research, to giving them the opportunity to create and present their findings in front of others!

4th-AnimalProject(TA)-1 4th-AnimalProject(TA)-2 4th-AnimalProject(TA)-3 4th-AnimalProject(TA)-4 4th-AnimalProject(TA)-6 4th-AnimalProject(TA)-9