6th Grade Rocket Launch

As part of their study of space in 6th grade science, students built and launched their own rockets into the sky! This is another example of how our teachers integrate differentiated instruction and interactive activities. Mrs. Wallace teaches our 6th graders and as well as science for our many of our Lower School grades. One of the best things about her method of teaching is that she incorporates a variety of lesson types and always finds tangible, interactive ways for our students to apply the principals they are learning into a real life situation. This kind of teaching engages our students minds at the highest level of learning: creativity. Teachers like Mrs. Wallace are another part of what makes Brook Hill such an incredible place to learn, grow, and engage God’s world.

Enjoy these photos from one of our 6th grade classes.

RocketLaunchl(TA)-1 RocketLaunchl(TA)-2 RocketLaunchl(TA)-3 RocketLaunchl(TA)-4 RocketLaunchl(TA)-5 RocketLaunchl(TA)-6 RocketLaunchl(TA)-7 RocketLaunchl(TA)-8 RocketLaunchl(TA)-9


RocketLaunchl(TA)-14 RocketLaunchl(TA)-15 RocketLaunchl(TA)-16