6th Volcano Lab

Volcanoes were erupting in earth science this week!  Students used baking soda and vinegar to erupt their volcanoes and then marked the flow.  They then filled in the area where the “lava” flowed with Play-Doh.  Then students had a second, third and fourth eruption that they also covered with Play-Doh, creating an impressive shield volcano.  Mn Monday, students will exchange volcanoes and try to guess the order of eruptions.

6thVolcanoLab(TA)-9 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-1 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-2 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-3 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-4 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-5 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-6 6thVolcanoLab(TA)-7