7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Seminar during 6th grade Study Hall


From the desk of Tammy Hayes, Middle School Principal:

Well, we are off and running and having a big time learning the seven habits that make teens effective!

Habit #1- Be Proactive-Take Responsibility for your Life!
In order to take responsibility for your life, you first have to understand and identify the habits of your life; and this week, we began doing that in the 6th grade as we identified our habits in the areas of school, family, friends, and personal life. Students were asked to consider what they would need to do in order to turn a negative or bad habit into a positive or good one! Our students really put some serious thought into this assignment last week; I was completely surprised at their candor and willingness to be authentic!
If you get a chance to have a quick visit with your pre-teen as to what he/she is discovering in the study, you might too find it a very meaningful conversation! I am excited about what all we are going to learn together as we continue next Wednesday:

• Highlighting the habits that particularly affect our learning
• Brainstorming action steps for changing a bad habit to good
• Collaborating with our classmates as to ideas for encouraging and motivating one another as we try!

Our new word for the week was paradigm. Students learned what it meant and how it affects every decision we make, both the good ones and the bad ones. Next week’s lesson: Habit #1: Lesson 2- Are We Proactive or Reactive? We are saying this is for them, but I must admit, I’ve already begun to do a little tweaking on myself too!

That’s 6th grade at Brook Hill…in the process of becoming all God has created them to be!

Tammy Hayes
Proud Principal