8,425 Bottles of Water and Gatorade!

water drive

The BH Builders comprised of  fourth and fifth graders decided to to accept the First Leago League’s Nature’s Fury challenge by sponsoring a whole school water and gatorade drive  to assist The Bullard Fire Department in their relief efforts.

The results of the contest were recently revealed. Third place went to Mrs. Bell’s PreK class class.  Mrs. Smith’s first graders earned second place .

And…. TA DA….Mrs. Dawkins class collected the most water and gatorade bottles earning the coveted first place award.  Mrs. Dawkins class collected 2,139 bottles.  The entire school count for number of water and gatorade bottles collected was….

8,425! Wow!


Mrs. Melissa Holland, organizer of this event says thank you to all parents and students for accepting the BH Builder’s challenge.