8th Grade Measurement Lab

Rather than reviewing measurement tools with a class lecture, eighth graders participated in a rotation lab where they measured  mass with a triple beam balance, volume with  a graduated cylinder, weight with a spring scale and temperature with a thermometer.  Students were expected to use the tool correctly and know the correct unit of measure for each tool.  These tools will be used in science class all year so this is a great beginning for the 8th grade physical science students.

8thMeasurementLab(TA)-1 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-2 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-3 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-4 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-5 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-8 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-9 8thMeasurementLab(TA)-10