An Encouraging Letter


From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster:

As the Headmaster of The Brook Hill School there are so many things that I am thankful for – too many to list in just one article.  I must say, however, that I am truly thankful for the notes and emails that I receive regularly form parents, grandparents, alumni, and students sharing about their experience at Brook Hill and how Brook Hill is positively impacting their lives.  I recently received an email form  Hae weol Choi,  the mother of Abner Shin, a tenth grade student from South Korea that really encouraged me.  In her email she articulated the reasons why she chose Brook Hill and has come to love Brook Hill.  Her reasoning resonates with me as a parent and as the Headmaster and I wanted to share it because I believe it will encourage others as well and may remind us all of some things to be thankful for.

Why I chose The Brook Hill School:

To begin with, the Renweb system is an extremely excellent education system. I can check anything related to my son’s school, such as homework, test grades, attendance, behavior, and so on. I can ensure my son’s academic success, and I’ve got him in the palm of my hand. And through the web site, I am able to read the latest news of Brook Hill and see the pictures of my dear son. Also, the students study with original text books, not copied papers.

Second, I like Brook Hill’s Mission, Vision, and Spirit. This can be seen in the motto “Education, Potential, Character.”  These, and a Christ-centered environment, are the reason I sent my son to Brook Hill. Brook Hill believes that students have limitless potential and can achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Brook Hill also encourages students to honor God through Christ-like character. Education is bound to shape our world view. Brook Hill believes that Christian presuppositions and a Biblical worldview provide the best lens to allow students to clearly see reality. Students attend chapel class every Wednesday, and go to church every Sunday.

Third, Brook Hill has an excellent and dedicated faculty. Brook Hill hires only highly qualified teachers. Their patience, devotion and love are why Brook Hill teachers are highly respected by all their students. They often exchange e-mails with students and parents to help improve education. I believe “The better the teacher, the better the student body.”

Fourth, Brook Hill believes that all students need a well-rounded education which is evident through programs like SPARC, various extracurricular activities, championship athletics, and enriching fine arts. Spring Potential and Reality Course (SPARC) expands and enhances a student’s educational experience, as well as broadens their horizons.  Brook Hill is the gateway for students to have a head start in the wide world through this well-rounded education. My son, Abner takes advantage of these programs. He plays on the soccer team and sings in the choir as extracurricular activities.

Fifth, Brook Hill has excellent school facilities, such as the magnificent football stadium, the beautiful and expansive library, and the museum with a tremendous display equaled to the Smithsonian and so on.

Sixth, Brook Hill students wear school uniforms during school. The students need to feel a sense of belonging and a strong tie between them which is one of the benefits of school uniforms. I believe that the school uniforms protect the students from harmful things and help fill the students with the right attitude.

Seventh, Brook Hill has produced many brilliant students. The Korean alumni have attended prestigious universities, such as Cornell, Duke, Penn State, UT Austin in the past three years. And I have no doubt that there are a great number of alumni who went to other prestigious universities as well.

Finally, Texas is one of the safest and most conservative states. Texas is one of the most popular states for the young folks. Texas also has a booming economy. Brook Hill is surrounded by beautiful hills and lakes in the greatest state.

I have fallen in love with Brook Hill and now I highly recommend to other parents.

My son, Abner is in his first year at Brook Hill.

Sincerely yours,

Hae weol Choi