AP Chemistry Studies Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

Mr. Bunger’s AP Chemistry class has been studying the kinetics of chemical reactions, which is the rate at which a reaction occurs. In the lab the students reacted calcium carbonate (limestone) with hydrochloric acid and measured the amount of carbon dioxide gas that was produced in order to estimate the rate of this reaction. The lab requires attention to detail and adherence to procedures in order to generate good results. Plus it provides some great lab experience with college-level laboratory exercises.

AP Chemistry has also been studying chemical reactions that are reversible. The class did a lab in which a solution will change color depending on whether the reaction is going forward or backward. The students were adding reactants and products and changing the temperature to see what effect each change had on the reaction system. The impact is apparent based on the color change. This is always a fun lab for the students and for me because they get excited to see colorful, visual feedback in the lab.



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