Are you positive…or negative?

Mrs. Mize’s class took an alternate approach to note taking in class on Thursday. Each student created their own “instruction manual” for adding and subtracting integers.

The students learned to categorize each type of integer operation problem according to colors. Yellow for positive integers; red for negative integers. Each problem was then classified as an addition or subtraction problem. From there, the students were able to see that every type of problem can be put in a category with an instruction set for solving.

“The students seemed to have a fun time with creating a flip chart and their own instruction manuals,” said Mrs. Mize.

“From the teaching perspective, it is amazing to see how excited and how quickly students pick up on a concept when colors and alternative note taking methods are used. Also, each student takes ownership of their foldable through artwork and uniquely organizing their observations. This exercise was extremely rewarding to watch as a teacher.”

So, positive or negative? Even the negative answers turned out a positive learning experience!