Athletic Gala

Our Athletic Gala was a special evening where we honored our student athletes. Students were recognized for their participation and honors in sports and awarded for excellence in those areas – especially those teams and individuals who won state championships this year. We were honored to have two special guests: Congressman Louie Gohmert and Sports Director for CBS 19, Eric Sullivan.

One of the highlights from the Athletic Gala every year is finding out who wins the Mr & Miss awards for each sport. You will find this year’s Mr & Miss award winners in the photos below. The pinnacle award to win at the gala, however, is the Ironman award – given to the male and female athlete who showed exemplary ability, sportsmanship, and character in three or more sports. This year’s winners were Hayden Langemeier and Eddy Briggs! Each will receive a $500 scholarship toward their second semester of college!

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