Senior Cole Fitzgerald’s PSAT scores secured him a spot on the prestigious National Merit Commended List!


Cole’s PSAT score ranked him in the top 50,000 out of 1.5 million students in the United States. Cole is heavily involved in our campus life and is a smart, kind, hard-working student so it comes as no surprise to us that his stellar scores have landed him among 34,000 students nationwide who have shown extreme academic promise.

As a college preparatory school, news like this is exciting for both our students and our faculty as a reminder of excellence and a mark of our commitment to challenging the potential of each student. His performance was outstanding and recognition as a Commended student is a credit to Cole, his parents, and our faculty and staff here at Brook Hill. Moments of recognition like this for our students are the reason that we start having college conversations early at Brook Hill, and are such a special way to celebrate the “preparatory” part of dreaming about, and planning for college!

When giving his acceptance speech, Cole credited his love for learning and foundation in education to his mom, Amy Fitzgerald, and it’s for that reason (amongst others!) that we are so thankful to have her on our Middle School faculty team as a Humanities teacher. Fostering a love for learning early on is foundational. We’re so thankful to Amy, and all of our Brook Hill parents who believe in that mission and work alongside us to see students who are passionate about learning and living a life of character for Christ realized.

We’re so proud of the way that Cole has shown discipline, character, and dedication. We’re cheering you on Cole as you navigate what’s next!