Brook Hill prepares: Wade Karam

On the topic of preparing our students, there is a variety of ways Brook Hill prepares students. Intellectually, spiritually, through learning how to manage extracurricular time, Wade Karam, ’12, is currently in his second year of Medical School at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston  and recently weighed in on the impact of Brook Hill on his life.

“Brook Hill really helped me develop a more intellectual side of my faith. Dr. Ward provided so many different world-views and methods of thinking. I felt like this method of teaching allowed us to develop reasoning behind our faith that to this day allows me to articulate my faith better to others.”

He also had some words of wisdom on how to get the most from a Brook Hill education.

“I would suggest that everyone at Brook Hill just really cherish your time. It goes by so fast, and while there are some great times after it, it’s an extremely influential and fun time of your life. Take things seriously, and put 100% into whatever you decide to do, and always have a good time doing it.”