Brook Hill Remembers 9/11

Student Body President Cole Fitzgerald organized an assembly in honor of those lost on 9/11.


Students, faculty, and administrators gathered on the Quad as a Brook Hill family Wednesday in order to pause and remember 9/11. Head football coach, Scott Ryle, who served in the United States Army, spoke and members of the Guard Varsity football team read about each of the four individual attacks prior to the lowering of the flag.

The Quad remained quiet as we observed a moment of silence for those lost in the attacks, and reflected on the sacrifice, pain, and loss that so many still experience remembering each September. Our Brook Hill Cannon Guard fired four cannon salutes, one for each attack that occurred, and we closed in prayer as a student body.

Though most of our students don’t remember the day of the attacks for themselves, we find ourselves looking for ways as a Brook Hill family to educate about, honor and remember this piece of our nation’s history in an effort to #NeverForget.

We were honored to have both the Bullard and Flint/Gresham Fire Departments with us, and count it such a blessing to pause with those who are protecting our community and our country.

The Flint-Gresham Fire Department shared their truck and an American flag with us as well for the day, so a special thanks to them for their generosity! It was such a vivid reminder of sacrifice, and the freedoms we experience not only as a nation but as a Brook Hill community.