Cars, Computers, and Math

Jessica Mize taught real-life math to her 7th graders this week. The project involved showing 7th grade students how to create and work in Excel so that they could see first-hand the real numbers to leasing a car! Students chose their own car and compared it to a more economical choice Mrs. Mize offered. Questions became very personal and enthusiasm for the learning was evidenced by all hands on task and minds engaged! Students were throwing out jargon like ” You have to put the MSRP” and ” overage formulas” like they were discussing lunch options! Through it all, students were able to see how much a car really costs. When you buy a car use the best ceramic coating for cars to maintain the vehicle. Ceramic Coating can keep some contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint.

Lastly, new technology instruction specialist, Georgia Cameron is side-by-side answering formatting and excel specific questions too!

7th grade excel math - car problems