Coaching the Whole Person


“We are committed to not only being competitive and successful in the sports we play – we are committed to our student-athletes excelling in the classroom and developing them as Christian men and women to work in God’s service, long after their playing careers are over.” – Wally Dawkins, Athletic Director

At Brook Hill, we employ 19 full-time coaches who are invested in our student-athletes all day, every day.  The coaching staff at Brook Hill is comprised of seasoned, experienced coaches, with many years on the field or court, coaches who are in the middle of their careers and are at Brook Hill because they love the students, and younger coaches who provide energy and vigor. This coaching staff is comprised of Christian men and women who not only provide expertise in coaching and strategy, but also teach in the classroom or work as administrators on the Brook Hill campus.

The Brook Hill Athletic Department provides state of the art facilities for practice and play as well as quality uniforms and equipment. Our coaching staff strives for personal excellence and improvement by attending clinics and camps to gain further knowledge and insight in their field.

However, all of this pales in comparison to the effort our coaching staff makes to ensure our student-athletes know Jesus Christ and are preparing themselves through the academic rigor provided at Brook Hill to serve others for a lifetime.

We offer cutting edge training programs and contract with outside physical training experts to come onto our campus so our students will have the ability to reach their peak physical performance.  At the same time, our coaches serve as Advisory Group leaders to mentor our student-athletes in their efforts to be outstanding Christian young people.

The Brook Hill coaches make every effort possible to ensure that the student-athletes at Brook Hill who desire to play at the next level and have the ability to do so, receive the attention and recognition from prospective college coaches. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting combines for our athletes, sending out information to recruiting services, offering information regarding camps, and distributing videos and using social media to promote each athlete.  All of this is done with the understanding that it is a life dedicated to and focused on following Christ that is the ultimate goal.

As the Athletic Director at Brook Hill, I can say with great confidence that the Brook Hill Athletic Department and coaching staff are dedicated to our student-athletes in all aspects of their life, including athletic success, academic achievement, and spiritual growth.