Coffee With Mr. Shustella

We love parent involvement and feedback as a part of the Brook Hill experience and want our parents to have opportunities to connect with leadership and staff.


Taking ownership in this initiative, Mr. Kris Shustella, our Principal of grades Pre-K through 8th hosts a monthly meet-up with Brook Hill parents at the Cabin. The last Friday of each month he opens the meeting up to Middle School parents, and on the first Friday of each month, to Lower School parents.

Each gathering is open to any parent who would like to attend and provides an awesome opportunity for our parents to know and connect with Mr. Shustella about what their student is learning and experiencing at Brook Hill. The setting is casual and connected, with plenty of time for questions and conversation. In addition to covering questions that parents might have, Mr. Shustella also invites guest speakers in occasionally to share about resources for parents.

If you would like to be a part of this, visit our Facebook page and look for event reminders and details each month. This is an awesome way to meet other Brook Hill parents and get involved so we hope to see you there!