What is continuous enrollment?

Continuous enrollment eliminates the tedious process of filling out online enrollment every year and only creates an opt-out option to withdraw from Brook Hill. With continuous enrollment families enrollment packet will be valid from year of enrollment until they graduate from Brook Hill or until the withdrawal process is complete.

Why do we need to sign a continuous enrollment contract?

Having families sign the one time continuous enrollment contract confirms that families fully understands the new policy and requirements.

Does continuous enrollment apply to all students?

Continuous enrollment applies to all Day Students. Boarding students follow a different enrollment process.

How do I pay for my re-enrollment fee?

The re-enrollment fee will be rolled into tuition payments for the following school year.

Will I be penalized from withdrawing from Brook Hill?

As long as the withdrawal process is completed by March 1st, there will be no penalty charge. The following charges will be made if notified AFTER these dates:

  • March 2nd: They will be contractually obligated to an additional withdrawal fee of $600 per student
  • April 1st: They will be contractually obligated to an additional withdrawal fee of $1,200 per student
  • May 1st: They will be contractually obligated to an additional withdrawal fee of $2,400 per child
  • June 15th: You will be contractually obligated to pay all tuition for the upcoming school year.

What if I’m planning on keeping my kids at Brook Hill but God has other plans for my family?

For major life changes or unique circumstances, a letter will need to be submitted to the Board for review.

If I am not signing a contract every year, how will I know how much tuition is or if I need to apply for financial aid?

Brook Hill will post updated tuition on in January of every year.

How do we notify Brook Hill if we do not plan on returning?

On the Brook Hill website, there will be a withdrawal form that will need to be filled out and submitted by March 1st to avoid any penalty fees. Brook Hill has instituted a formal withdrawal process that includes completing a meeting by phone or in person with your principal and submitting a withdrawing form.

Do I still have to fill out a new Financial Aid Contract?

Yes, financial aid applications still have to be submitted through FACTS every year to receive aid for the successive school year. Financial Aid applications are due by April 15th for returning students.

What if I am behind on my account?

All accounts must be kept current to receive a schedule, a guaranteed seat in class, or records. Brook Hill reserves the rights to not guarantee you class placement if there is an outstanding balance.

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