Coordination Compounds in AP Chemistry


This week AP Chemistry students synthesized a coordination compound to apply and test their lab skills.

Mr. Bunger described the lab as follows:

“Today we were synthesizing a coordination compound. In plain language we were making a colorful, complex chemical. The lab procedure is fairly intricate with a number of different steps involved to make the final product. To make things a little more interesting for the students I informed them that they would be graded on their ability to be accurate with the amount of final product that they recovered. This lab was a good test of the lab skills that they have learned over the last year and provides some very colorful transformations that keeps their interest.”

Enjoy a short video of our students making the compound and their pictures below.

[wpvideo Ga3oFQ9S]

BungerLab-1 BungerLab-2 BungerLab-3 BungerLab-4 BungerLab-5 BungerLab-6 BungerLab-7 BungerLab-8 BungerLab-9 BungerLab-10 BungerLab-11