Core Sample Lab

Sixth graders conducted a core sampling lab using special cupcakes in earth science class this week.  First, students made predictions about the internal structure of the cupcake and then chose their sample sites.  Four samples were taken and then a prediction was made of what it looked like on the inside.  Students were surprised to see different layers inside.  After taking four more samples, students were allowed to cut the cupcake open and see how they did at predicting the internal structure based on their core samples.  Some students even struck oil inside their model earth if they came across a chocolate chip.  The core sampling lab was meant to be a simulation of how scientists really predict what the inside of the crust looks like.  A tasty and fun time was had by all!

6thCoreCupcakeScience(TA)-1 6thCoreCupcakeScience(TA)-2 6thCoreCupcakeScience(TA)-3 6thCoreCupcakeScience(TA)-4 6thCoreCupcakeScience(TA)-5 6thCoreCupcakeScience(TA)-6