This week our 11th-grade Humanities classes got creative with the Constitution in our Innovation Center.


Students were challenged to use the various materials to create 3D models or symbols representing the U.S. Bill of Rights. They were given access to 3D printers, 3D pens, Play-doh, Legos, origami, calligraphy, craft sticks, hot glue guns, pipe cleaners, straws, and more! The objective was to creatively represent their learning and then have a discussion about these incredibly important first ten amendments to the Constitution.

Though it’s only been open for a few weeks, we are quickly settling into our Graves Family Center for Innovation and are thoroughly enjoying (and appreciating) the ability to collaborate, create, and connect areas of study like humanities to fields of innovation and exploration through technologies and tactile mediums.

This creative challenge was done in conjunction with a week-long project where students completed Webquests, digital posters, online diagrams, and a green screen movie to explore the US Constitution.