Dress Up Days – HOCO ’14

One of our favorite parts about Homecoming week is the opportunity to wear something a little out of the ordinary. This year we had a variety of dress up themes from “Twin Day,” “Lions, Tigers & Bears – Oh, My! Day” “Twister Thursday” and the opportunity to wear our mums and garters to school on Friday. Here is a sampling of our students’ stylish attire.

TwisterThursday(TA)-1 TwisterThursday(TA)-2 TwisterThursday(TA)-4 TwisterThursday(TA)-5 TwisterThursday(TA)-18 TwisterThursday(TA)-20 TwisterThursday(TA)-23 Mums(TA)-1 Mums(TA)-2 Mums(TA)-4 Mums(TA)-9 Mums(TA)-11 Mums(TA)-12 Mums(TA)-15

TwinDay(TA)-1 TwinDay(TA)-2 TwinDay(TA)-3 TwinDay(TA)-33 TwinDay(TA)-47 TwinDay(TA)-52 AnimalDay(TA)-1 AnimalDay(TA)-13 AnimalDay(TA)-14 AnimalDay(TA)-41 AnimalDay(TA)-42 AnimalDay(TA)-47