Dual Credit – Earning College Credit at Brook Hill

dual credit 1

From the desk of Celia Tucker, Academic Counselor:

Tyler Junior College and Jacksonville College came to Brook Hill this week to register students for Dual Credit courses. Dual Credit provides students the opportunity to earn college credit while they are still in high school, meaning that they are actually a college student and a high school student at the same time–which is both an accomplishment and a responsibility.

To register for Dual Credit classes students must make sure they apply to the college, meet testing requirements, and pay fees–all by the college’s deadlines, or risk being dropped from the class. College is college and post secondary institutions expect students to be responsible and make sure they complete the process in a timely manner–schools are not in the habit of sending reminders.

Dual Credit is a win win situation being that students can complete courses that are many times part of the Core Curriculum required in most majors. Of course, it goes without saying that students should always investigate and call the colleges they are considering to make sure the college credits will transfer to their chosen institution. When transferring credit most colleges will post only the credit earned while there are some colleges that post the credit as well as use the grade in GPA calculation. Because of this possibility students should enter into a Dual Credit course with the intention of scoring as high as possible–because as we said, “College is College” and a  4.0 GPA is the best beginning possible for a college transcript.

Sitting in a Dual Credit class at Brook Hill takes on a whole new meaning when students realize that they are in high school and in college at exactly the same time–two places at once–a high school side and a college side, and students must understand requirements for both–ultimate multi-tasking! Wow.

To learn more about our dual credit opportunities and how we prepare students for college, visit us on the web at www.brookhill.org