Brook Hill welcomed health professionals from UT Tyler Health Center and Christus Health to campus this past week.


Health professionals came to equip our students with the facts and challenge them to think critically about their health when it comes to vaping. As vaping and Juul(ing) continue to become increasingly popular in culture at large, we wanted to have a conversation with our students about how it could affect their health, and what impact it might have long term.

The purpose of this health seminar was to provide information and context for our students. To equip them with facts for further conversation, and to critically consider how their choices now are affecting their future. We want to develop our students holistically and having conversations about culture, choices, and the future through topics like vaping is just one way that we can be a part of that.

You can get the full story from KLTV here: https://www.kltv.com/2019/11/22/etx-doctor-issues-warning-high-school-students-about-vaping/