Fine Arts Awards Assembly–Art Awards

Many Brook Hill Lower School students received recognition for their outstanding work in the Arts during Fine Arts Week at Brook Hill.  Art teacher, Mrs. Allen,  announced student awards for judged art. First, second, and third place ribbons were awarded at each grade level. The results at each grade level are listed here in first, second and third place order.

Prekindergarten:  Brooklynn Smith, Jack E. Barber, and Kinsleigh Castle-Lowery        allen

Kindergarten:  Emma Harvey, Addison Beale,  and Atley Jones
First grade:  Braxton Durrett, Gracie Trawick, and Claire Fath
Second Grade:  Madeleine Fath, Abby Campbell, and Dominic Roberson
Third Grade:  Payton Crenshaw, Peyton Stewart, and Daryl Hale
Fourth Grade:  Lorien Rhodes, Marlee Gunter, and Josh Collins
Fifth Grade:  Mattie Cheatham, Liam Kennedy, and Mason Barker

Students also received certificates in art categories based on attributes of well know artists.

The Andy Warhol Award
These students conquer every challenge and continuously express their creativity.
Iz Herbert-Bramlet, Ryder Dunnam, Gabbie Williams, Landon Holik, Hannah Timmons, Josie Travis, and Tucker Helm

The Mary Cassatt Award
These students are caring and loving in their work and spirit. They have a gentle hand producing a touching piece of art.
Kate Reynolds, Gretchen Ault, Savannah Wallace, Grace Derryberry, Emily Gragg, Marlee Gunter, and Mary Elizabeth Roberts

The Jackson Pollack Award
These students have actively progressed in their artistic skills this year by being very inventive with art mediums.
Harper Harrison, James Holloway, Jett Moore, Gemma Lake, Nate Dahn, Grayson Murray, and Chandler Fletcher


The Claes Oldenburg Award
These students have very vibrant personalities. They constantly bring joy to the studio and insert their emotions into their art.
Hunter Powell, Jack Weaver, Landon Reynolds, Maddox Nelson, Jabin Moore, Tanner French, William Roberts

The Leonardo da Vinci Award
These students are very motivated. They strive for perfection in every piece and do not settle until they succeed.
Brooklyn Smith, Kenadi Carmichael, Hayden Alley, Aaron Nguyen, Tessa Goddard, Ashley Nguyen and Emily Livesay


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