First Day at the Middle & Upper School

What is a Guard?

Headmaster, Rod Fletcher, kicked off the school year by challenging our students with that very question. The Brook Hill Guard is this: we live pure, speak true, right wrong, serve others, and follow the King. We hope this charge marks our school this year and forms us ever closer to the image of Christ.

We’re looking forward to another incredible year at the Middle and Upper School. We have more students than ever before, the largest senior class in history, and over 17 countries represented among our student body. The world learns at Brook Hill, and that puts a whole new spin on what it means to be Christ-Centered and College Prep.

Our first day was more than Chapel and class time – we also are cultivating school spirit and teamwork among our student body through a campus life block every day of this first week. More on that in the next post though.

For now, enjoy these pictures. You can view more on our Facebook Page here.

FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-1 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-2 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-3 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-5 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-17 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-22 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-24 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-27 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-45 FirstDay-MSUS(TA)-46