First Ever Big Sis Lil’ Sis Reveal Party

Thursday held a new beginning for the Brook Hill Middle School girls hosting its first ever Big Sis Lil’ Sis Reveal Party! Both eighth grade and sixth grade girls met in the student center where they were greeted with pink helium balloons, cookies, and their advisory leaders to celebrate their new friendships. After a few words and prayer by Mrs. Hayes, MS Principal, the eighth grade girls were instructed to pick a balloon. Inside each balloon was the name of a new Lil’ Sis and after lots of popping and excitement, the girls ate together and took pictures!

The mantra for this program is to foster cross grade relationships among the young ladies of BH in an effort to establish a strong commitment to one another for their time in school and beyond. Eighth grade girls were charged to offer the sixth graders their friendship, a helping hand when needed, and the security of knowing that they were being watched out for by their Big Sis!