Forensics Class does some detective work in the AFM

Mrs. Brunson’s forensics class came to use their knowledge of blood spatters. By measuring a blood spatter, students can determine how far away a shooter was, where he was, type of weapon used. Students were given information from an actual person in history that was wounded or killed in battle. Mrs. Brunson made blood spatter that students measured and then reported where they thought the shooter was, what happened, etc. Then Mrs. Bynum told the true story of the soldier and discussed what they got right and what they missed. The students were able to apply their forensic knowledge.

Patriots included:

  • James Madison @ the Battle of Trenton (musket ball to the shoulder)
  • Sam Houston in the War of 1812 (arrow through his thigh)
  • Major Albert Sydney Johnston @ the Battle of Shiloh 1862 (Minnie ball in right knee. KIA)
  • Machine Gunner Leonard Lutjen (POW) @ Beau Coudray, Normandy, France July 1944. (Sniper bullet through right jaw)