As a Christian school, our goal is to foster a passion for the Lord and instill confidence in who He has made each student to be!


We look for every opportunity to do this in our academics, athletics, arts, conversations, and in the day to day life with our students. One of the most significant ways we work to create space for our students to know the Lord and celebrate his goodness is through a weekly chapel.

This past week at our Lower School Chapel it was such a gift to watch as our students learned about scripture and had the opportunity to sing and worship. Following a time of “getting the wiggles out” through song, our Lower School students had the chance to hear our Cadet Singers perform their Christmas music lineup.

From the outside, this might seem like a simple gathering of students. Sitting in the auditorium however, you see students growing in their public speaking skills as they lead their peers in saying the pledge. You see kids who are given the opportunity to rejoice through song and mature in their ability to sit respectfully through a brief time of sharing about scripture and truth. You see a lesson in manners, and a chance to honor other peers as they perform.

Students are also being exposed to the arts, and to experiences where they can see both girls and boys, men and women, sing and play instruments. Moments like these instill confidence in our students and give them the opportunity to pursue using their gifts!

We’re so thankful for this weekly time to pause and celebrate the Lord’s goodness as we learn together!