Great Book Week Parade

The Lower School students participated in many special activities and events during Great Book Week. The culmininating activity was the “Great Book Week” character parade. The entire student body dressed up as a story or real life character. The variety of characters included Pete the Cat, Mice and Cookies from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Office Buckle and Gloria characters, several famous princesses, American Girl characters, Brian from Hatchet, Peter Pan, Indianna Jones, the captain from Treasure Island, Hans Solo, Mr. Fox, Star Wars characters including Hans Solo and Darth Vadar, Ella from Ella Enchanted, a mermaid, Camilla from A Bad Case of the Stripes, In the Middle of Town characters, Mary Wilder,  Mousetronauts, and Wild Things, Hermionne and even Harry Potter! This was an exciting week with a very important message. Reading is fundamental to the success of each individual. Each story  we shared were great books, but the most important and greatest book of all, says Mrs. Fritcher, is the Bible which shows us how to live our lives and tells us about God’s love.


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