Happy Day!

During chapel service at The Brook Hill Lower School, first graders presented the Easter musical, Happy Day ! by Luke Gambill, Rhonda Frazier, and David Ebensberger. There were pledge leaders, speaking roles and vocal soloists:  Gabbie Williams, Emma Davis, Gracie Smith (“10,000 Reasons”) and Gracie Trawick and Braxton Durrett (“Glorious is the Day”).  Students sang from the heart bringing the message,  “Jesus is alive, oh happy day, you washed my sins away!”

Here is a short video and some pictures from the chapel. More are available at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.835612729799182.1073741976.126194957407633&type=3

[wpvideo Xd6ztJAW]



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