Hello, Dolly! – A Dramatic Finale

From the desk of Glenn Ballard, Director of Fine Arts:

In January we said “Hello, Dolly!” as 26 students began our preparation for the 14th annual spring musical, and now it’s time to bid our show a fond farewell and say “So long, dearie!”

I am so proud of the work my kids have done and so very thankful for the reaction of our many faithful patrons. I’m also very excited about the many folks who came to one of our shows for the first time. Our base of fans is steadily growing every year. We sold over 1,000 tickets to Hello, Dolly in its four night run, and it was certainly the best attended show in our history.

Congratulations to our senior cast mates, Kelsey Kilgore, Jazmen Jones, Joshua Ruark and Jonathan Cox on their amazing performances and on “going out in a blaze of glory.” I want to also express special kudos to the 13 Middle School actors who stepped up and really did a very mature job with this show. From what the kids are telling me, it was a glorious success … they learned so much about the art form and about themselves, they stretched artistically and creatively, they made new friends and many wonderful memories, and I think all of them are already excited about next year’s show.

For me personally, the experience was a walk down memory lane because “Hello, Dolly!” was one of the shows I was cast in when I was in high school, and my high school director from 1974 was actually in the audience for our closing performance. He was duly impressed. So thanks to everyone who came and for all the kind things you have said about the show. Your favorable reviews keep us coming back for more and striving to do even better each year. And there is some really great talent in the wings so you and I have lots to look forward to. Blessings to all.

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