Homecoming Games!

From the Desk of Dr. Stan Ward

Yesterday we took an unconventional approach to school with our MS and US students. We cancelled class, put on our favorite athletic garb, and spent the morning competing against our peers. Some of our events were just pure fun while others forced us to work together as a team to win. We had a great time building relationships and letting our faculty and students engage one another in activities outside the classroom.

After lunch, students entertained each other with an advisory-group talent show followed by root beer floats served by faculty. The grand finale was a powder puff football game between our junior and senior girls. Not to be outdone, the junior-senior guys invited everyone to watch them battle for supremacy on the volleyball court.

Because Brook Hill desires to educate the whole person – mind, soul, and body, we use experiential educational events like homecoming games and SPARC week. Brook Hill wants students to be equipped with emotional and spiritual intelligence, as well as “book smarts.”

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