Hundreds of people were able to travel the world at the International Dinner

International Night 2017 was a spectacular event with our boarding students showcasing all the countries from which they come. Students were eager to tell about their culture, customs and country with more than ever dressed in traditional attire from their home land. Guests were be able to sample truly delicious foods from around the world including: Jamaican Jerk Chicken, South African buttermilk pies, German bratwurst, Ecuadorian Plantain, Micronesian baked fish with mango sauce, Nigerian Yum Yum, Middle Eastern nan bread with hummus, of course hamburger sliders from the States and a ton of other unbelievable selections.

Each “passenger” received their own passport with pictures of the flags from the different countries represented by our boarding students.  As they met our students or visited their booths they had their passport stamped by the students. Visitors also learned phrases like “Hello,” “Thank You” and “Goodbye” in the students’ mother tongue. The crowd was the largest yet, with literally hundreds of guests joining us for all the fun. This year’s International Night also featured more countries than ever before. If you were not able to join us this year, don’t worry. We embark on this journey every year, and you can board next year’s Flight BH 2003 for another fascinating trip around the world.