Jervis Family

Meet the Jervis family! The Jervises joined Brook Hill this year, having previously attended a local public school. Taylor works as a Camp Director at Pine Cove and brings a unique perspective to why they chose Brook Hill as a family in vocational ministry.



Taylor, Callan, Elah, Meritt, and Lacey Jervis



Taylor, tell us about your journey to Brook Hill. How did you hear about it? What led your family here?

My wife and I moved from Nashville in 2011 to work at Pine Cove Camps, and I’ve been the Director at the high school camp for most of that time. Summer after summer I would get to talk with solid, fun students from Brook Hill – many of them becoming my college staffers. I was always impressed with the kids and their families. They all raved about the culture, education, community, and heart of Brook Hill. Several Brook Hill parents would come up to me after I would speak at the closing ceremonies of each camp session and tell me “Do whatever you can to get to Brook Hill.”

With these experiences and relationships fresh on our minds, we started praying and thinking about Brook Hill this summer. As we toured and went through the application process, it became clear this was the right step for our family.


What stood out to you as you considered enrolling your children at Brook Hill?

As a family, we work to establish daily presence and rhythms of a life in Jesus. We recognized right away that Brook Hill was a place and a community that could come alongside us in this season to make that happen in our parenting and in the hearts and education of our kids.

One thing we’ve been especially thankful for as a family is the communication and forethought of Brook Hill during this season of COVID-19. They’ve taken great care to keep the kids, the teachers, and the community safe while pursuing a great experience in the classroom. 


Did you have any concerns or stigmas about your kids attending a private, Christian school?

As a ministry leader, I have often thought “I don’t want my kids to live in a Christian bubble. I don’t want to ‘shove Christianity’ in their faces all the time. I want us to be lights in a dark place.” But, as we were praying through school this year, we recognized that the world is aggressively shoving itself in our children’s faces from the moment they’re born. We need to be even more active to represent a life of freedom, joy, peace, hope, and fun in Christ to them! 

So as parents, it’s our job to “train them up” and to “make disciples” everyday. Brook Hill is a place we believe could partner with us to do that right now – so that they could be “ready in season and out” to advance the Gospel, build the Kingdom, and love their life with Jesus and people now and in the future. 

Now we just get to be extra thoughtful and active about the other large percentage of our time and energy in Tyler, in our neighborhood, in local sports, at our gym, in our business, and wherever we go and do – so our kids can practice and live the way of Jesus in town that they’ve seen in our home and now also at school.


Why did you choose Brook Hill for your family?

For us, it came down to what we wanted in the end for our kids – to be prepared for life and godliness now, and to be made ready for young adulthood when they go to college or whatever path God leads them on. Brook Hill provided an environment for them to hear from other faithful men and women about Jesus while also getting a top education.


Thank you for sharing with us! We are so grateful to have your family at Brook Hill and are excited to be part of your story!


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