Leadership in the Middle


From the desk of Tammy Hayes, Middle School Principal:

This year, it’s already moving at a rapid pace in the middle at The Brook Hill School! We have 120 students, grades 6-8, who will learn how to live daily through strong curriculum, peer interactions, self-discovery and my personal favorite, strong godly teachers. Our faculty has made a commitment to educate your child during what many consider to be the most tumultuous time of their lives.

The Brook Hill School has a highly qualified faculty of educators driven and passionate about the middle school years. We are a mix of well-seasoned experts and newly found energy all aimed at making a difference in the lives of students who choose to call Brook Hill their home. We are intentional about getting to know your teenager and about helping them learn from mistakes along life’s way. We know this is a difficult time for every person who travels the road from ages 11 to 14, and we are dedicated to the process of that journey. In the middle school, we get the prized spot of not being their beginning, nor their end! Though sometimes a tad painful, this should be encouraging to both parents and adolescents.

Please indulge me in an analogy of manuscript. It is as though we have been invited to contribute to an essay with supporting sentences, a few defining details, and some elaboration on the particulars of their lives; so that, one day, all we see is the result of a good story, not the mere paragraph with which it began. We, alongside parents and life’s experiences are only part of the whole, certainly not judging its finish while it’s a rough draft.

The leadership at The Brook Hill Middle School gets that analogy; they live it every moment of every day. As we begin another school year and content spills onto the pages of your child’s life, we ask that you pray for our leadership and take great confidence in knowing that every part of it has been considered, prayed over, and planned on behalf of your child by a well-qualified faculty, intentional with what really matters in the lives of middle school students for the glory of the One who ordained and called us to lead for such a time as this.