Lighthouses in Art

art5The students in Mrs. Johnson’s and Mrs. Brashier’s second grade classes have been working very hard to create these beautiful watercolor paintings of lighthouses on the ocean. These paintings go along with the book that they have been reading in language arts called Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by Peter. E. Hanson. The illustrator of the book uses watercolors to illustrate the story of a young girl that has the responsibility to keep the lights burning in a lighthouse during a storm.  Since the illustrator used watercolors, the second graders also used watercolors in Mrs. Renaud’s art class to recreate the book’s illustration of a lighthouse.  Even though all of the students were working from the same example of a lighthouse, each painting had its own, unique look. Students were able to create something that is unique to them.  Stop by the art room to see these masterpieces on display.