This year our students have the opportunity to be a part of clubs in their area of interest after school as a way to meet other students, learn new skills, and explore their passions!


We have been having so much fun watching our students enjoy them and are excited to continue next semester!

Currently, we offer the following clubs at our Lower School campus:

Cadet Singers, Running, TumbleTime, Art, Beyblades, Lego with a Twist, Cooking, Cheer, Hot Wheels, Bible Journaling, Chess, Horse Club, Between the Pages (Reading), and Kinder Crafts.

Several of our fifth-grade boys pitched the idea for our Hot Wheels club and once we secured a teacher to facilitate, they were responsible for advertising and hosting the club! Several of the clubs are student-initiated which has been an exciting way to encourage leadership and support our students in learning how to bring people together around common interests!