Math 7 Fraction Party


On Friday Mrs. Mize’s Math 7 class brought different food and drink items for a fraction food party! The students each brought an item that could be divided up then made up their own word problem to represent a fraction of the amount they brought. The class even learned how to look at the nutrition facts and serving size to determine how many of their item was in each package. From there each student was asked to write their fraction in simplest form, create two equivalent fractions, and compare their fractions to someone else’s fractions. Finally, each student had to use one their fractions and one their partner’s fractions to determine the least common denominator. After they completed this step, the students were able to compare their fractions to see whose was bigger. As a conclusion to the project each student was asked how the fraction food party related to the chapter the class just finished and what about the project they liked most.

“In the unit we just wrapped up we learned how to write fractions in simplest form, how to create equivalent fractions, and how to find the least common denominator of one or more fractions so we can compare and order different fractions, so this project was a fun way to bring it all together” said Mrs. Mize. “I borrowed the idea of a fraction food party from Mr. Johnson then customized it to fit the chapter objectives from the unit we just completed. I loved getting to read over how my students were able to connect this project to their learning!”