More Than Just a School


From the desk of Michelle Rozell, Upper School Principal:

For the past 17 years, I have had to opportunity to teach and serve at The Brook Hill School.  I can truly say that my life has been blessed and enriched by my time here.  When you drive by our campus it’s clear to see that we do in fact have beautiful facilities, but I can assure that what goes on inside is even better.  The faculty, the students, the academics, the arts, the athletics all work together to make Brook Hill special, but there is so much more to our school.  Junior, Morgan Moss summed it up quite well in a recent email.

“Hi Brook Hill fam! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas break spent with their family and loved ones. Before we start school back tomorrow, I just wanted to personally thank each of you for all your encouragement and support this past semester. From helping me stay on top of my school work, to genuinely being concerned about my health, you all have made a tremendous difference in my life these past couple months. You have no idea how good it feels to have one of the faculty members pull you aside and just tell you that they are praying for you when you are going through a tough time. That’s why I love Brook Hill. Not because of the fancy buildings, or the athletics, or the education, but because of the wonderful Christian people who draw me closer to Christ. I love my Brook Hill family and during this rocky season in my life I’ve realized how blessed I am to be a part of something so special. Something I used to take for granted. I appreciate everything each one of you has done for me. God has truly blessed Brook Hill with wonderful people and teachers who connect with the students on a personal level and I think that is way more important than how high they can help me get my SAT score. This email is no where near what I owe to you but I want you to know how much each one of you has impacted my life. Thank you so much.(PS: To all the humanities teachers in this email, remember I’m still on Christmas break and my head is not in school mode. I have a feeling you are all cringing at my grammar…) LOTS OF LOVE, Morgan Moss”

Morgan Moss

Morgan Moss